Neoform ® Compression-Bonded Magnet Materials

Neoform® compression-bonded magnet material is made of the powerful Nd-Fe-B material mixed into an epoxy binder. The mix is approximately 97 vol% magnet material to 3 vol% epoxy; much of the magnetic strength of the Nd-Fe-B material is retained. The manufacturing process involves crushing fully sintered Nd-Fe-B blocks into a fine powder, mixing with the epoxy binder, compression bonding the mixture in a press and curing the part in an oven. Since the material is formed by compression bonding, the dimensions vary ±.002" or better for a given run.

Neoform Second Quandrant Demagnetization Curves

NeoForm® material is isotropic , so it can be magnetized through any direction, including multi-polar arrangements. Because the material is in any epoxy binder, it can be machined on a mill or lathe. However, the material will not support a thread, so holes cannot be tapped. NeoForm® material is often used to substantially reduce the size of designs that used ceramic magnet materials. Significant size reductions can be achieved because NeoForm® material is approximately 3 times stronger than ceramic magnet material. In addition, since NeoForm® material is isotropic, it can be magnetized multi-polar, such as an N-S-N-S pattern on the outer diameter of a ring. NeoForm® material can be pressed into shapes with a cross-sectional area of up to 1 inch2 . For example, blocks of 1" x 1" or 2" x " cross section can be pressed.